ICEN is a multi-disciplined professional building and infrastructure engineering company with its main office located in Sydney, Australia. We utilize both full and part time staff including gig workers to deliver your projects at a fraction of the cost while delivering exceptional outcomes.  We have resources distributed locally and globally and we guarantee we can find the right people for your next project.


ICEN is a multi-disciplined engineering company which operates throughout the world. From its humble beginnings ICEN has continued to build upon our success and grow our workforce.

ICEN specialise in all facets of engineering and is one of the true multi-disciplined engineering companies. Our core disciplines include Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic, Fire and ESD.


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ICEN Expertise

Our professional staff are ready and willing to assist you your projects as you require. We have the full compliment of Engineers, Specialists and Support …

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ESD and BASIX Targets Ecologically Sustainable Design and Basix are just two of the services that ICEN can provide in this space. We can provide …

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ICEN are very pleased to advise that we have and will continue to work in some of the most challenging regions in the world. Our …

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ICEN has extensive experience working on tall buildings. Our team is used to projects that exceed 40 stories and the complexities that comes with these …

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Astronomers got tired after watching the moon go around the earth for 24 hours. So they called it a day. Seriously, in actual fact it takes just over 28 days for the moon to orbit the earth. 24 hours is actually the time it takes for one complete rotation of the earth. So if one of our people located on ground at the equator travels at velocity of 465m/s or 1674 km/hr it will take 24 hours (relative to the sun) for them to arrive back in the same position. This person has travelled just over 40,000 km which is quite amazing considering they have been hard at work coming up with solutions in a world full of complex problems. We also have time to get in touch with you.

ICEN have a 24 hour guarantee by which we will be in touch with you from your initial enquiry.


This is the time is takes for the earth to orbit the sun, well not exactly. It is widely agreed that we weren’t made in a toy factory for our own amusement and things are not as simple as this. The time is takes for the earth to orbit the sun is actually 365.26 days. So we simplify this by saying most years we will have 365 days and all every 4th year we will add one additional day called the 29th of February and voila we have solved the problem. This has also created a unique group of people with birthdays once every four years.

At ICEN our people no matter where they are in this globally connected world will make themselves available. You can rest assured you will always be able to connect with someone somewhere to discuss your unique situation.

Global Engineering

Find out how we can help you get ahead. Send an email to and we will be in touch immediately.


Our people are fulltime, part time, casual and gig workers. You tell us who you want and if we don’t have them immediately available in-house we will get them for you. Our people are also in the unique position by which they tell us how much they are going to be remunerated. Our goal is to provide you with accurate and value for money outcomes.

Our people are connected through out IT platforms. We share knowledge, data, software, IP and the occasional laugh. We are geographically distributed however we also believe in face to face with each other whenever possible.


Is at our core and is key to our success. We have partnered with industry leaders and have deployed their services across our network for our teams. We provide our people with access to the latest in technology as well as developing our own. Our people can use our cloud to contribute to their own technology goals, access standards and also building codes.

Fire can’t exist without fuel and oxygen and similarly you can’t have the best solutions without our people and technology. We are number 1 for a reason, talk to us soon and we will show you why.